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System Features

The Web-Easy system includes features which make the creation and maintenance of your website pages very easy and quick.


The Web-Easy system is accessed securely on-line through Internet Explorer (or other Web browser) and no software is needed to use the system. As long as you can fill in on-line forms then you can use this system. As with most systems, you will be able to create more complicated pages as you gain experience if you need to.


The Web-Easy system enables you to easily maintain standard pages, but more significantly, it enables you to optionally include one or more of the following special page types, which we know are useful to include in most club websites:

  • A News page ? news items are automatically displayed (or not) according to display dates you entered. This facility helps you to keep your news page up to date.
  • An Events page ? only current and future events (based on the event date) are displayed. This really helps to keep your website looking fresh.
  • A Notices page ? only current notices are displayed (based on the display dates you entered)
  • A Frequently Asked Questions page
  • Secured pages which are only accessible to those who have been allocated a userid and password.
  • Members pages can include:
    • A Directory page listing members
    • A Message / Bulletin board page
  • Sports clubs will find these special page types very useful:
    • Fixtures pages, which you can easily update with match scores, reports etc.
    • Training schedule page, which allows you to list your regular weekly training sessions.
  • Sponsors details (easily maintained by you) can be included in the overall page design ? see bottom of the left section on this site.


Most of these pages need frequent updating, but the Web-Easy system significantly reduces the maintenance effort and allows you to do scheduled maintenance on a weekly or monthly basis while the website contents can be changing on a daily basis.


Take a look at the advantages of using the Web-Easy system.


This website uses the Web-Easy system!



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